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MS Ramaiah Hospital, Ramaiah Hospital Bangalore Doctors List

MS Ramaiah Hospital, Ramaiah Hospital Bangalore Doctors List


It is one of the leading super speciality hospitals with a capacity of more than 1600 beds. Also, In the Bangalore city, Ramaiah hospital is known among the elite techno-savvy hospitals that provide 24/7 hours medical services to the Indian and Non-Indian Residents. The hospital entertains patients from SAARC, Middle East and African countries. You can avail treatments from the best specialists of India in MS Ramaiah hospital, each doctor is well skilled and trustworthy to rely on. In addition to this, the hospital has an indomitable team of specialists whose prowess is augmented by the amazing range of cutting-edge super tech amenities.

Contact Details – MS Ramaiah Hospital

For your convenience, we have listed a few details which will be surely helpful to you for knowing about Ramaiah hospital, Have a look below.

Address: New BEL Road, MSRIT Post, Mathikere, Devasandra Layout, MS Ramaiah Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560054, India

Fee Range: INR 400 to INR 600

OPD Timing:   Mon-Sat   09:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Specialities at Ramaiah Hospital Bangalore

The hospital offers a wide band of specialities, All the specialities are divided into three categories  Given below is the list. Have a look.

Surgical and Allied

  • General Surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Dental Surgery
  • Neurosurgery

Medical and Allied

  • Paediatrics
  • General Medicine
  • Dermatology
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Respiratory Medicine

Super Specialities

  • Surgical Gastroenterology
  • Endocrinology
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology

Top Doctors at MS Ramaiah Hospital Bangalore

Prakash_V_S_-_Cardiologist_-_MS_Ramaiah_Memorial_Hospital Dr VS Prakash: WIth an experience of 24 Years Mr Prakash has done specialisations in the procedures like coronary angiography, Cardiac Ablation, Pacemaker Surgery and Holter Monitoring. Educational qualifications of Dr Prakash include MBBS, MD in Internal Medicine and DM – Cardiology. Currently, he is working as a Head of Department – Cardiology in MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Bangalore.



Dr_Nagamalesh_U_M-Cardiology-MS_Ramaiah_Memorial_Hospital__Bangalore Dr Nagamallesh U M: He is a leading Cardiologist with an Experience of 12 Years in the field. He has completed his  MBBS and MD from Mysore JSS Medical College in the year 1994 and 200 respectively. He works as a Senior Consultant-Cardiology at MS Ramaiah hospital Bangalore.



Click here to find the complete list of Ramaiah hospital doctors

Also, you can book appointments through Credihealth,  Every doctor is well trained and trustworthy to rely on. From the hospital network feature of Credihealth, you can avail the hospital list of best hospitals in Bangalore. Facilities include ambulance availability by the nearest location, you can compare the cost of different speciality, cash-backs, and discounts on first appointments.  If you have any queries related to healthcare you can visit the community section and ask questions. Every question is answered by the medical experts of Credihealth.

Call +91–8010–994–994 and converse with Credi Medical Experts for FREE!!!

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How to make ecommerce website in WordPress

How to make ecommerce website in WordPress

This guide covers specifically How to make e-commerce website in WordPress platform. Running an e-commerce website is one of the best ways to get your online products and services in front of a targeted audience.

But, it can be time-taking when you take time into consideration that you spend on fulfilling orders, maintaining the record of your inventory as well as marketing your store. As of this, your e-commerce platform should be accessible and beneficial to use and manage.

WordPress fits the bill correctly as it allows you to set up any kind of website and also sites made on WordPress are user-friendly; indeed, for starters. You can trust us as a reliable wordpress website development company to get your working platform set perfectly well.

WordPress  has thousands of themes available suitable for almost any niche, which is why it’s the primary choice for many e-commerce owners. WordPress has enough of themes to select from and it too has thousands of WordPress plugins that include extra functionality to your website. In fact, there are so many plugins created especially to change your WordPress website into an online store. Woocommerce is one of the most popular plugins for this purpose. It permits you to sell both physical and online products.

Woocommerce integrated with various payment gateways out of the box, also it has its own group of extensions that permit you to sync your online orders with your accounting software, provide extra shipping methods, shipping labels, and print invoices, automatically send emails to customers who chuck up their cars and much more.

How to Choose a WordPress e-commerce Theme?

An attractive site can benefit you bring more visitors and change them into customers, however, website design isn’t the mere thing you should concentrate on when you go through for a WordPress theme. Here are a few guided things to look for.

Choose a Theme With the Right Features:

While so many of the e-commerce features come from the plugin, there are few features found in themes that will enhance your customer’s experience. Particularly, you’ll want to search a theme that provides the following features:

Mega menu-

This feature usually acts as a drop-down feature that shows additionally links and pages as you check over it. It permits you to organize your navigation and add your pages and product categories overwhelming the visitors.

Quick view-

This feature allows getting the instant view of the information when a user clicks on any product or add the product to their card decreases the number of clickings your users need to do and it also enhances the conversion rate.

Catalog Mode-

If you select a theme with a catalog mode, your website visitors can simply browse by your products without the need to click on the insane number of categories and pages.

Don’t neglect the white space-

If feasible, choose the theme that has a clear design with a significant amount of white space between individual items.  This permits your calls-to-action and products to stand out among all and make it simpler for your site visitors and customers to concentrate on everything your e-commerce store has to offer.

Customizing your site theme is important so you can make a consistent look and feel for your product/brand. A theme setting panel allows you to change fonts, colors, and other features without having to focus on code. If you select a theme that comes with an option of page builder integration, you’ll easily able to change the layout of your website pages.  With our wordpress seo tips we would guide you in the best manner to maintain your business portals.

What are the steps to Begin With Your WordPress eCommerce Website?

To begin with your e-commerce website in WordPress, all you need is to take care of some technical things before adding products and modification with theme settings.

For beginners, you’ll require to purchase a domain name. You will also require to buy a hosting plan, a theme for your site and ready your content like product descriptions and images.

Your site domain name permits your visitors to find you easily on the web. If you have an existing physical store, it’s a great idea to utilize it for your site domain name. Although, you can name your online store as per the products you sell.

Once you finalized your domain name, you now need to choose a hosting plan for your site o that visitors can easily access your website.

There are numerous options available when it comes to choosing the hosting plans, from cheap plans to expensive hosting plans you will get the best hosting plan as per your budget.

As everyone knows wordess has no limit of themes for different niches. While the themes are nice, they sometimes lack support and aren’t updated as the premium themes. In order to keep your themes updated, it is important to make sure your site is safe and offer the best user’s experience.

Surprisingly, there are some marketplaces such as Envato elements that permits you to download the unlimited number of themes for a cheap yearly subscription. Which means you can change them whenever you need or you’d like.

You can even find an unlimited number of themes for Woocommerce that are up-to-date regularly and offer you access to half year support. Combining all features with the best WordPress seo tips you can reach out to optimum work abilities on your website.

Now, it’s time to prepare your product description and images. All you have to do is to copy and paste them as you installed your WooCommerce plugin. This boost up the site setup process and permits you to launch your website in a while.

Remark: Do not forget to add copy on other pages of your websites, like as your homepage, Terms and Conditions, About us, your contact details or anything you may need.

Getting Started With WordPress and WooCommerce

Now that you have set everything in place, it’s time to create a website. You’ll need to install WooCommerce, WordPress, your theme, and the other essential plugins before you customize your site theme or import any content.

Let’s get started:

  1. Install WordPress

The initial procedure is installing WordPress. Once you buy your hosting plan, the hosting company will offer you with the hosting account dashboard link where you can easily install WordPress.

Once you’re logged in, look for a section named WordPress Install, Softaculous installers, One-click installers of something similar. Now find the WordPress icon, and click on it and then follow the instructions.

This will pop up a screen where you are requested to enter your site’s description like website name, username, and password and email address. Fill in the empty fields with your details and then click the InstallButton.

Once your WordPress Is installed, now you’re ready to log in into your WordPress dashboard.

Just go through the URL: change with your real domain name). Then enter the username and password you made previously

  1. Install your WordPress Theme

Go to your WordPress dashboard, after that go to Appearance>Theme> Add new. After this click on upload theme.

Click on the downloaded zip folder that has the theme’s files and click on upload it. Once this process is done, click on Activate icon.

  1. Install required plugins

After activating the theme, you’ll send a notification in the WordPress dashboard with a short message that certain plugins are needed for the team to have access to all its features. Click on the begin installing plugins to be taken straight away to the installation screen.

Choose all the needed plugins from the menu, click on the install icon and wait for the procedure to finish.

  1. Install Woocommerce

The final step is to install WooCommerce to authorize eCommerce features on your website. In your dashboard go through steer to plugins then on Add new. Search for Woocommerce, go on install option and install it. After all, this, activate it. Go through the plugin setup procedure, this will create important pages and permit you to select your currency, location and payment method.

With technical information out of the way, it’s now the time to input your content and set up your theme. Collaborate with the services of our WordPress website development company to get the best expected results.

How to set-up and customize your theme?

One of the fastest and easiest ways to set up your website theme is to post demo content. Most of the modern themes generally come with the features to use one-click import which permits you to post dummy posts, images, and pages just with a single click.

Once your importing process is done, you can look after the theme settings to change out fonts, colors and more.

The best thing about importing demo content is that the site theme will import all posts, pages, widget setting, images and more and turn your website look like the demo.

Go to appearance> import demo content, after this, click on the blue import icon. Wait for the procedure to complete and your website will be set up to customize site appearance and add your own content.

Now it’s the time to replace your demo content with the original content. Open the dashboard, go to Pages> Edit button, then edit the slider page as per your choice. With this, you can change the layout of the site, add modules and many more things.

To make changes on your page elements, you have to proceed with simply click on the pencil icon, enter your original content and adjust the setting as per your liking.

You can also include additional elements such as buttons, boxes, icons, images, videos and more.

To add your products, open your WordPress dashboard and go to products, then click on All Products. After this step, tap on the edit link below each product, and change the content with your own price, product, images, and description.

In case, you want to add more products to your page. Simply open dashboard>Add new> and add the new product name along with the images and description.

  • Customize Visual Appearance

After setting up the products and the pages, again go to Appearance, then click on customize and change the settings as per your choice.

You can also upload your own website logo, configure the homepage, and sidebar positions, change the fonts and set your website identity icon.

Setting up and e-commerce website is interesting and viable business Model. Now you know how How to make e-commerce website in WordPress platform, you can get your e-commerce shop up running in just a matter of time.

Benefits of using WordPress for E-Commerce websites

Easy Interface:

WordPress is an open source site development tool PHP based that gives you an already built website theme and design. You’re only required to modify them as per your requirement.

If you don’t find necessary to modify the themes, you can simply use the same themes and can input your own content regarding your services and products. You can find numbers of free themes to choose from for your site.

After finalizing the theme, you can add contents and pages of your choice, you can even add plugins and widgets to include additional features to your website.

Limitless plugins:

Plugins are made to offer a specific functionality. Like in place of using coding for adding a slideshow or any other feature on your website, you and just download it and add a plugin of it to add the slideshow.

You can get access to various plugins all for free of cost when using WordPress. This has truly made the e-commerce website development and design fun and easy.

Plugins such as PayPal, Shopping cart, not only they make it simpler for you to create the code but also improves the safety of your site.

Global access:

If you are controlling your site through your system or laptop in localhost, it is important that you are required to make modifications in the site from the same system. However, if you are working on a WordPress site, then you can manage your site from anywhere.

DataBase integration:

WordPress offers you simple way to integrate for the database, All you need is to graphically create your attributes and database. Even, you can utilize your own custom.SQL file.

Database is one of the major things when we discuss the e-commerce website design and development because it shows all your decisions, products, and confidential data.

WordPress has limitless benefits to offer and it is free of cost to use. This makes it most used and popular among all other open sources accessible on the internet world. You may also refer our WordPress seo tips from the experts.  

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Using light to destroy metastatic breast cancer

Using light to destroy metastatic breast cancer

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Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing in 2019

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing in 2019

Marketing is the best strategy for generating revenue and will I provide the most quantifiable profit to earn?.Every day the people are encouraging to question. Many companies are in real discussions when making their advertising method of marketing traditional sales against digital marketing!.But totally, the importance of digital marketing comes up to its debate. In business, the main part of marketing is business; Entrepreneurs are not only recognized as an entrepreneur but are funded for this activity.

Develop awareness and promotions about your business, its products, and marketing services with a view to acquiring people. Competition is very important for every business day to sell a business that wants to leave the tournament. However, on this present trend, when more businesses are going online, it can be confusing to take any approach: digital marketing or traditional marketing.

If you reach your phone for the first time in the morning, you will see a significant amount of time online or the importance of obtaining digital abilities every minute.

Most often, there is only one reservation in the budget – at least, most traders think. Obviously, the best way to make a decision is to do any two work that gives you maximum returns. Then there is a question of handing out marketing credibility – can you do it or can you employ an external company to do it? But before entering the empire’s marketing model, you can review these two methods.

What is Traditional Marketing?

For decades the traditional marketing has been around – still alive. Magazines,television, radio, flyers, postal letters, publications, banners, and horns.

Traditional Marketing Advantages:

1: The local target audience can easily reach:

By improving the local radio version of FM radio and newspapers, consumers can target customers in a particular city. Flyers in email can help with a targeted destination or destination targets.

2: Save hard copies:

Your advertisers can have hard copies of advertisements like flyers and magazine ads and can go back again.

3: Easy to understand:

Anyone who is not have Internet can reach this approach, and people will realize that it is easy to use it for some time. In a study conducted by Neurological Marketing in Canada, 21% require less cognitive ability, and digital advertising should be implemented.

Traditional Marketing Disadvantages:

It is less involved It’s a very important form of marketing and a little real engagement. It provides information to the customer and believes what they are buying.

1: Very expensive:

Newspaper, radio and television advertising may be very expensive – most TV ads are just seconds in time duration.

2: ROI is hard to measure:

It is very difficult to calculate the size of your marketing campaign or your marketing campaign.

What is Digital Marketing?

It also offers online marketing practices conducted online quickly with social networking blogs, Youtube videos, email marketing, pop-up ads, click-utility URLs and digital marketing offers better flexibility in traditional marketing versus digital marketing. These methods are very useful, every business will create a strong online presence, with new marketing guidelines coming every day.

Digital Marketing Advantages:

1: You can target a broader audience:

You can not reach a large number of people and you can reach them according to their geographical location. When you post something on your Facebook page, you can leave a pair or exit coups out of a continent!

2: Tap new markets:

Digital marketing helps enter unknown or unreliable markets and typing. You can format the content Age, gender, profession, income, preferences, dislikes, fears, goals, and the like are personalizing your content.

3: It is still relevant:

With social media, live chat and email, you can easily engage with your target audience, making it impossible through traditional marketing methods. Sharing and commenting on social media posts, rating products, and reviews are ways to communicate with your audience. You have to take them immediately and professionally.

4: It’s not expensive:

Digital marketing activities reduce costs less than traditional means – even if you include fees and the cost of hiring a marketing company. This means the price of the traditional market with  target audience can choose medium Different viewers can get different marketing media – blogs, videos, e-mails, etc. This option is not available in traditional ways. Often, the flyers in the mailbox will fail. But by digital means, people have the opportunity to sign and sell marketing materials.

5: Instant advertising:

When you post something on YouTube or Facebook, you can immediately see your target audience – get your business immediately. However, in traditional ways you should wait; Television or radio ads are scheduled for a limited time; The reader must come to the newspaper; They have to cross billboards on the road to see them. But the vast majority of people are consistent with social media, so you can quickly access your audience.

Digital Marketing Disadvantages:

1: Negative feedback:

The main disadvantage of digital marketing is that the unpleasant client or general neglected people know the public – it can be shared soon.

2: Field requires expertise:

To actually use digital marketing skills, you need to use someone with the required expertise in the field – they need to know your business well.

3: Regulation of search engines:

Digital marketing is subject to the discipline of search engines like Google; They are often acceptable and give guidance about what to do. Search engine guidelines continue to be updated, and your efforts have become vain because you will have to make drastic changes in strategy.

What you have to choose Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing: 

So now both the advantages and disadvantages, which method do you select? For this, your business and your target customers need complete and deep knowledge. You need to conduct an account to see how your business affects each time. If you do not like digital access to digital media, you can do the best of traditional marketing. But if you permanently connect your target audience to the Internet, you must be connected to digital.

Some prefer to catch pages in the traditional market against digital marketing debate and do not understand what else to choose.They will fill each other and you will learn from both parties. However, as a digital future change in the world, you have a sensible choice to abandon technical skills. Cinema and DVDs streaming through streaming services, online subscriptions, radio stations will upload their content online and the smartphones that collects information.

However, there is a suggestion that technologists cannot completely destroy any time. They recommend rugged hybrids with regular and digital marketing functions. How many factors should depend on digital dependency on traditional ways, you need to go through the test and the bugs.

We believe that the course of digital marketing is definitely a small business. If you have already tried marketing, if you do not see the fast growth you want, give a digital shot of the digital marketing. There are little risk and big reward. This is not a frequent viewing combo in the business world.

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7 Ways Microsoft Office 2019 Can Make Marketing Better

7 Ways Microsoft Office 2019 Can Make Marketing Better

Succeeding in the modern marketing realm relies on your ability to use technology to create remarkable customer experiences. Marketers should be revenue-driven and open to new marketing knowledge. The newly-released Microsoft Office 2019 comes with some features for marketers. They are as follows:

  1. Easier Email Management

Emails offer marketers a convenient way of reaching targeted prospects. Marketers can send newsletters to their subscribers with offers and a preview of new product/service releases. The Outlook program on Office 2019 has new features for enhancing email management. The program includes focused inbox, travel package cards, @mentions, updated contact cards, and Office 365 Groups.

The focused inbox on Outlook helps you as a marketer to prioritize the critical emails. The updated contact cards come handy when sorting out your email list. Microsoft added these new features to enable users to manage their emails more effectively and efficiently.

  1. Improved Inking Features

Microsoft Surface devices target creatives, designers, marketers, and artists looking to take advantage of the digital pen. As a marketer, the digital pen allows you to doodle, note or draw objects on a Microsoft Surface device. Office 2019 comes with improved inking features across all apps. The features include tilt effects, roaming pencil case and pressure sensitivity.

Tilt effects allow you to adjust the thickness of the ink depending on the pen’s angle. The roaming pencil case, on the other hand, helps you organize and store your favorite digital pens. These features are useful when creating marketing proposals or campaigns.

  1. Powerful Data Analysis

With the right tools, marketing data is quite easier to manage. Office 2019 has a new Excel program with more powerful data analysis tools for data-oriented activities such as marketing. They include 2D maps and funnel charts. You also get the chance to make enhancements on your data using PowerQuery and PowerPivot and publish from Excel to PowerBI (Microsoft’s flagship business analytics service).  

The new chart features on Excel display numeric data in a more compact visual layout. You can rely on them to draw meaningful relationships from your marketing data. The charts are attachable to a query or table and are customizable. You’ll also find them in Access, where they let you create combo, pie, bar, line and column charts.

  1. Advanced Presentation Features

Before launching a marketing campaign to the public, marketers have to present it to their supervisors or company heads for approval. Microsoft included advanced presentation features in Office 2019’s PowerPoint. You can use the Zoom and Morph tools to create sophisticated and dynamic presentations for marketing.

Morph enables you to create smooth movement animations from a slide to the next. To apply the transition to a presentation, you must have at least two slides that have a shared object. The Zoom tool comes handy when showing your colleagues or supervisors an object in your presentation that isn’t clear.

  1. Translation Tool

To help break the language barrier in marketing campaigns, marketers need to make use of the best translation tools. With the Office 2019 Suite, they no longer have to waste time finding an appropriate tool for translating different languages. Microsoft Office 2019 includes a Translate feature for PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, and Word.

You can use the Translate feature when editing documents, preparing slideshows or editing spreadsheets. The feature allows you to check spelling and grammar in different language. You can also use it to change or enable the keyboard layout language.

  1. Accessibility Checker

As a marketer, it’s easy to stay productive when using a computer if the documents you’re working on are free of accessibility issues. The Accessibility Checker included in Office 2019 allows you to check whether your content is editable and readable by people of all abilities. You can run the tool before sharing a document/spreadsheet or sending your email message.

You’ll find the Accessibility Checker from the Review tab of Office 2019’s desktop apps. Office 2019 apps that currently support the tool include PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. The tool gives you warnings, a list of errors and insightful tips on how to fix the errors.

  1. Visio Wireframe

Before bringing a marketing idea to life, you need the right tools for sketching the idea. Wireframe, which is available on Microsoft Visio, helps you create a detailed visual model of the user interface of an app. The tool allows you to sketch an idea by considering its content and functionality.

Wireframe comes with multiple templates for designing websites and mobile applications. You can choose a blank drawing or a starter diagram from each template. Wireframe templates have five stencils including navigation, text, media, controls, and containers. You’ll find several shapes in each stencil that help you design your idea.


Features such as Visio Wireframe, Accessibility Checker, Translate, Zoom, and Morph make Office 2019 suitable for marketing. Marketers can also make use of the robust data analysis tools, improved inking features, and the email management tool on Office 2019 to stay productive. As a marketer, learn how each tool can benefit your work.

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Why would a Company need Digital Marketing?

Why would a Company need Digital Marketing?

The 21st century has come with the revolution infield of the internet. All every people across the world are connected through many social media site with each other. Not only this, no business can thrive without a website at this stage. Therefore, people are presenting their business by their business websites and these business websites require digital marketing to get customer online. So, it is mandatory to know why a company needs digital marketing. There are top 10 reasons that can define the benefits of using the digital marketing for a company.

1. Increased Product Recognition– your business must be recognized on Internet and Social Media Platforms. It will allow you to expand your visibility to millions of people that is beneficial for all types of businesses.

2. Brand Awareness– The more often and frequently people will see and hear about your business, the more they will talk about it. It will become a Brand. Give them something to talk about. Talk to them directly and let the word be spread.

3. Increased Business or sales – it can increases chances that your target mass will visit your page or website and also purchase your product or service that lead to increasing your business or sales.

4. Apply new strategies– there are multiple strategies which can be applied but we need to find out which works best for particular product and test of customers. Because some customer likes videos give them need to give them videos and if they like infographics, we have to serve them infographics. Therefore, we have to find the basic needs of customers and apply new strategies.

5. Customization for audience sets– Target audience can be segregated into different sets as per analysis data later on they might be re-marketed differently for other products also.

6. 24×7 Engagement with customers – the best part about the Internet is, you can reach out to all your customers without waiting for clock to strike 9:00 am to 5 pm.

7. Improved Relationship– building trust and reputation can rely on customers especially while making online sales. This trust can only build with consistent performance and heartfelt service for the customers.

8. Analyze and Re-apply strategies– some of the strategies lead you better equipped with your customers. The information available from tracking the website visits must be analyzed for planning cross-selling campaigns so that you can increase sales, Re-Applying or changing strategies.

9. Validate Business– establishing and maintaining the presence through website can show your customers that your business is active, dynamic and working to provide the best service in your area.

10. Power to influence– It helps to increase the promotions of your product to influence your audience. Therefore, you need to think for yourself why your product or your competitor’s product is a favorite for the customers, look at your Leverage the power to be on top.

Therefore, Digital marketing has become mandatory for every manufacturing company to get traffic online that can also be converted into the customers. If you are looking for best digital marketing company in India, who can help you to build online business for you, get in touch with their representatives.

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Quess Corp Limited – Professor

Quess Corp Limited – Professor – General Medicine, General Surgery, Paediatrics, Anaesthesiology, Radiology

Professor – General Medicine, General Surgery, Paediatrics, Anaesthesiology, Radiology 

Job Summary

Quess Corp Limited 
• Education • Hospitals/Healthcare/Diagnostics 
Years of Experience
8 – 15 years 
• Education/Teaching • Health Care 
Posted On
20th Aug 2019 
Professor, General Medicine, General Surgery, Paediatrics, Anaesthesiology, Radiology, Associate Professor, HOD 
Company Profile

Job Description:

Title: Professor


Experience : 8+ Years

Job Location: Srikukulam

General Medicine (2), General Surgery (2), Pediatrics (2), Anaesthesiology (2), Radiology (2)




About IKYA:

IKYA is an trade chief within the Indian contract staffing market by enabling organizations to successfully handle their workforce necessities by way of delivering innovative & skilled staffing options. From assessing the efficiency of prospect workers earlier than everlasting employment and recruitment course of outsourcing to decreasing mounted and overhead prices for organizations, IKYA’s differentiators are many.
The model caters to a spread of trade sectors like FMCG, Consumer Durables, Retail, Healthcare, BFSI, Logistics, Food and Hospitality and extra.

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Nurses required for NHS Govt. hospitals in UK- Free Recruitment! 1-6 Yr Exp – Nurse Job UK

IITR is the most important recruiter of Nurses for NHS, UK .

We have positioned Over 600 nurses in 1 Year

IITR offers free CBT coaching (Online)

Family Status, Free OSCE, Free Airfare, CBT & IELTS examination price refunded


1 NHS wage (Band 5) £22,128 to £28,746

2. Paid Annual Leave 27 Days plus Eight public holidays

3. Family Status

5. NHS Pension & vary of Staff advantages

6 Paid Flight

7 37.5hour commonplace working week

8 Free help & help all through your NMC registration course of

9 Pay enhancements to reward out of hours shift and extra time working

10 Travel along with your nursing associates

The hospital will assist you put together for OSCE and the nurses shall be paid wage whereas making ready for OSCE in UK .

Eligibility :


• BSc/ GNM with min 1 12 months scientific expertise in any specialty.

• Required Academic IELTS rating 7 in every band / O.E.T Grade B in all four modules

• Clubbing Is additionally acceptable

• Those who’re showing for IELTS and O.E.T may apply

Those showing / booked for IELTS may apply.

If for the above place and your profile matches the standards, Please ship your C.V & IELTS Copy instantly to [HIDDEN TEXT] or Contact 011-41563462

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